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I-Pulse SMT Part

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LC1-M71A4-00X I-pulse M1 M6 AIR FILTER ASSY

Part No.: LC1-M71A4-00X

Brand: I-Pulse

Name/Size: I-pulse M1 M6 AIR FILTER ASSY

Specifiction: AIR FILTER ASSY LC1-M71A4-00X

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Product description LC1-M71A4-00X I-pulse M1 M6 AIR FILTER ASSY  

LC1-M71A4-00X I-pulse M1 M6 AIR FILTER ASSY

LC0-M22M0-00X I-pulse X Axis AC Servo Motor 
LG0-M71H0-104 I-Pulse M1 M2 Camera LED Control card 
90K55-8A100 I-PULSE M2 X-AXIS MOTOR P50B08100DXS4Y
LC1-M71M3-00X I-PULSE M2  R-MOTOR P50B02001DXS27  
I-Pulse P031 P032 LC6-M7712-10 (TENRYU) Placement Machine Nozzle 
M002 LG0-M7703-00X I-PULSE M1 Nozzle-M002 (0.9 X 0.62)
LC7-M90H0-010 I-PULSE M6 Control Board Card

I-Pulse F3 Feeders:

I-PULSE  feeder : single tube stick feeder
I-PULSE  feeder :multi tube stick feeder

I-PULSE  feeder : PS 8*2MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 8*4MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 12MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 16MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 24MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 32MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 44MM
I-PULSE  feeder : PS 56MM

I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-8*2MM;LG4-M1A00-030
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-8*4MM;LG4-M1A00-022 
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-12MM;LG4-M4A00-010
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-16MM;LG4-M5A00-010 
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-24MM;LG4-M6A00-010 
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-32MM;LG4-M7A00-010
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-44MM;LG4-M8A00-010
I-PULSE  feeder : F1 : F1-56MM;LG4-M9A00-010 
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-8*2MM;LG4-M1A00-110
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-8*4MM;LG4-M1A00-110
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-12MM;LG4-M4A00-120
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-16MM;LG4-M5A00-120
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-24MM;LG4-M6A00-120 
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-32MM;LG4-M7A00-120
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-44MM;LG4-M8A00-120
I-PULSE  feeder : F2 : F2-56MM;LG4-M9A00-120

I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 8MM;KLK-MC100-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 12MM;KLK-MC200-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 16MM;KLK-MC300-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 24MM;KLK-M00-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 32MM;KLK-MC500-000 
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 44MM;KLK-MC600-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 56MM;KLK-MC700-000
I-PULSE  feeder : F3 : 72MM;KLK-MC800-000

I-Pulse M1/M4 Placement MachineM001,M002,M003,M004,M005,M006,M012,M013,M017,M018,

I-Pulse M2 Placement Machine SMT Nozzles List:  N001,N002,N003,N004,N005,N006,N012,

I-Pulse M6 Placement Machine SMT Nozzles List: 

I-Pulse FV7100 | 5530 Placement machine SMT Nozzles List: 

I-Pulse MT5800 Placement machine SMT Nozzles List: 

I-Pulse  MT5620E/5520E Placement machine SMT Nozzles List: 

If there is no matching models of I-Pulse Parts,Please kindly contact us directly.

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