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Panasonic CM602 Machine Leakage element reason and solution?


Panasonic CM602 Machine Leakage element reason and solution

1. Does the Leakage element have any component placement marks? Leakage element
a) Is the thickness of the component in the Part correct?
b) Is the thickness of the PCB board correct?
c) Is the actual press-in amount 0.3mm?
d) Confirmation of the vacuum confirmation value in the machine parameters.

2. Does the Leakage element have traces of nozzle placement?
a) Is there any floating during the transfer and sorption process?
b) Is there any foreign matter on the Z CLAMP?

c) Is the height of the finished component completed correctly?

3. Is the PCB board within the range?
a) Is the configuration of the Support Pin correct?
b) Is the height and flatness of the Support Pin correct?
c) Is the PCB board upturned?

4. Has the component flew off after the vacuum is broken?
 a) Is the appropriate value of vacuum damage in the nozzle database correct?

 b) Is the blowing air pressure (0.02 MPa)?

5. Flying parts caused by interference of adjacent components?
a) Confirmation of the gap between adjacent components and the order of mounting.
b) Are there any bad nozzles during the sorption process?

6. Is the component attached to the nozzle?
a) Are there any foreign objects on the gun and the workbench? 
b) Is the surface of the nozzle dirty?
c) Is the nozzle worn, deformed, or burred?

7. Poor printing
a) Is the solder paste after printing in the center of the pad?
b) Does the solder paste print out?
c) Is it installed after a long time after printing?

8. Does the mounting accuracy reach?
a) CPK≥1.33 after the position of the installation

SMTLeakage element considerations:
1) falling in the move,
Insufficient suction (missing nozzle selection, vacuum pump broken)

Interference in motion (flaky float, Z CLAMP has Foreign matter, the finished part height value)

2 )not attached to the PCB:

Poor mounting height adjustment, no support pin added during placement, PCB board thickness and component thickness setting error

3) solder paste lacks adhesion

Solder paste is dried, solder paste is offset, and adhesion is poor (exudation)

4 )PCB board rebound
Take-off,The Support Pin configuration under the PCB is poor, and the height is poor.

The PCB board is tilted, and the impact force is increased when it is mounted. (The nozzle HOLDER vibration is poor)

5 )after vacuum damage

Residual blowing leads to flying parts,Blowing air pressure setting error (0.02MP), vacuum damage appropriate value, vacuum pump malfunction

6) adjacent component interference

The resulting flying piece,
Poor installation accuracy caused by interference between parts, adjacent element gap ≥ 0.15 is not full), suction is not stable, the nozzle is detected, adjacent parts interference

7 )components attached to the nozzle
Brought back
Excessive mounting pressure (substrate data,
The component data is set incorrectly, and the surface of the nozzle is contaminated.
Wear and deformation of the nozzle and magnetization of the nozzle

Leakage element:
Case # 1
JOYSMT #1 line production 715G123-2-TOPLeakage element
Bad description: When the first piece is produced, the components fly around
Cause Analysis
Because in the production of the first film, multiple Tables frequently appear in the fixed point of the undetermined station installation error alarm,
 After the first piece comes out, the components are messy, and the Leakage element has no component placement marks. Check the Part without any abnormality.
 Check the substrate data and find that the PCB thickness setting does not match the actual board thickness.
Countermeasure method: It is normal to set the PCB thickness from 1.6mm to 1mm.

JOYSMT #3 line production 715T123-2-TOPLeakage element wrong piece
Bad description: visually in front of the furnace during normal production
Leakage element is wrong, check that it is not on the same Table7
The Leakage element is missing at regular intervals, and the Leakage element leaves a component placement trace on the PCB.
Components of the same size and elements of the upper Leakage element
Cause analysis: poor vacuum control, machine software problems, etc.

Leakage element
Countermeasure method:
(1) According to the bad phenomenon, the vacuum control may cause the Leakage element to be wrong.
(2) Maintenance and cleaning Nozzle, Holder confirm Nozzle to replace the filter cotton, confirm the vacuum condition of each nozzle.     
(3) The machine SRAM is cleared, the machine is turned off and restarted, and the machine is started.

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