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    Electrical Overstress (EOS), and a subset of EOS, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), have become major sou rces of concern over the past 10-20 years. Organizations such as the EOS/ESD Association are beginning to standardize this phenomena. While manufacturers, realizing that ESD and EOS are important, specify ESD protection when purchasing equipment, the method of ESD protection is left up to the supplier. Companies which must meet the MIL- STD often do not fully understand the requirements of the standard. As a result, costly procedures and processes are often implemented that do little to address the actual problem.
  • A Process Solution of Laser Solder Reflow

    JOY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED and Universal USA have collaborated to bust the myth that you cannot perform laser reflow with solder paste. Using Universal diode lasers, EFD has formulated solder pastes that survive the rapid reflow cycle typical of laser heating. These solder pastes reflow and wet well, without spatter, even when heating is accomplished in less than half a second. The flux core in wire solders cannot boast such flux spatter resistance in such an aggressive heating environment.
  • Intelligent manufacturing under the SMT innovation era

    With the implementation of China's western development policy, the western region began to rise. Many of the industry's leading electronics manufacturing companies have been the layout of the western region, China's electronics manufacturing industry to the western region of the trend is accelerating. At the same time, in order to meet the production needs of the next generation of electronic products to meet the market trend of intelligent manufacturing,
  • Yamaha New high-end hybrid AOI system leads the industrial trend​

    Yamaha has been at the forefront of the AOI and SMT industries, technology has been leading the industrial trend,YSi-V 12M TypeHS2 Increases Inspection Speed and Precision,and Enhances Capacity and Performance for Specular Components.
  • Industry 4.0 is Changing the SMT industry Landscape

    Looking back over the history of SMT, the art of choosing the right equipment and materials to produce assembled boards has changed considerably. However, one thing that has not changed is it is the responsibility of the production manager or plant manager to make the right choice because very often his/her job is on the line.
  • Talk about how industry 4.0 affects semiconductor manufacturers

    Industry 4.0 refers to the global trend of digitalization and networking of industrial value chains and their products, and what kind of support does companies have in this trend? What are the challenges facing semiconductor manufacturers? As well as the industry 4.0 will bring what opportunities? Take ADI as an example, we will discuss these issues in this article.
  • Altus Sees Increased Interest in Yamaha’s Innovative Surface Mounter Following SMT Hybrid Expo

    Altus Sees Increased Interest in Yamaha’s Innovative Surface Mounter Following SMT Hybrid Expo Since supporting Yamaha Motor Europe IM at the SMT Hybrid Packaging show in Nuremberg, Germany last month, Altus, a leading distributor of capital equipment for 
  • Innovative machine technology: joysmt ensures higher productivity at SMTAI

    Innovative machine technology: joysmt ensures higher productivity at SMTAI

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