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  • Solder Wire Sn63 Flux 2.2% Specification


    Product introduction
    1. Scope of application
    1.1This acknowledgment is only applicable to the company's designated products: tin-lead products. However, this information can be distributed to customers for free use in response to customer requests. This material applies to any wire diameter and flux content of the same alloy composition.
    1.2This product is used in demanding manual welding and automatic welding. It is made from high-purity raw materials and is widely used in the electronics assembly industry. Product implementation standards.

  • Stick (Vibration) Feeder Instructions


    1)  Install the Vibration Feeder on the placement machine.

    2)  Place the IC tube on the IC tube holder of the Vibration feeder,then move the tube card, 

    and clamp the IC tube to fix the IC tube.

  • SMT Machine maintenance automation | FUJI NXT work head automatic cleaning machine


    SMT equipment maintenance is moving toward automation. In the past, it was a machine-making machine. The development trend of the world is not only the machine-making machine, but also the maintenance of the machine. Japan's Fuji FUJI's offline off-head automatic cleaning machine, which was introduced recently, is a concrete example.

  • Yamaha placement machine (YAMAHA) operation process


    Yamaha placement machine inspection process before operation:
    1) Air pressure check - if the standard of YV100X is 0.55Mpa, when the air pressure is not normal, use the pressure regulator to adjust.
    2) Power check - check if the power switch on the side of the main unit is turned on.
    3) Emergency stop device - confirm the emergency stop button, whether the cover is closed.

  • A New Stenciling Method for Reworking SMT Components


    When reworking more complex SMT components such as finer pitch SMT components, SMTconnectors and even area array devices, the most common method of printing on the printing selectively on the PCB has some serious shortcomings. The most significant problems incurred with this method includes the lack of co planarity between the stencil and PCB, holding the stencil in position during the printing process, the large space taken up by the metal stencil/fixturing system and the cleaning required. These problems all lead to a decrease in yield.

  • Modern Selective Soldering Process Technology


    The competition in the EMS sector has considerably intensified over the last few years,. The enormous pressure to reduce production costs, which every service provider today has to face, frequently forces the organization to have a critical look at their established manufacturing structure and manufacturing methods. Turck-Duotec has successfully confronted these challenges on an ongoing basis, and, through continuous optimization of the production flow and methods

  • Miniaturization with Help of Reduced Component to Component Spacing


    Miniaturization and the integration of a growing number of functions in portable electronic devices require an extremely high packaging density for the active and passive components. There are many ways to increase the packaging density and a few examples would be to stack them with Package on Package (PoP), fine pitch CSP’s, 01005 and last but not least reduced component to component spacing for active and passive components.

  • Printing and Assembly Challenges for Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) Packages


    QFN (quad flatpack, no leads) and DFN (dual flatpack, no lead) are becoming more popular in new component releases. Their very small form factor allows smaller packages, better grounding, and better heat sink thermal properties compared to other SMT packages.

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