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  • Trouble Analysis & Elimination Method of Samsung LED Mounter Pick up Error


    The faulty manifestation of Samsung led placement machine,
     the placement head cannot pick up the component. 

  • Wave soldering will produce a lot of tin dross, how to reduce wave solder dross?


    1. Causes of tin impurity content exceeding the standard tin slag after wave soldering
    (1) The copper content and trace elements of the peak tin furnace tin exceed the standard.
    Among them, excessive copper content and iron content are the main reasons for the formation of more slag. 

  • How to reduce the occurrence of Samsung SM471 Placement Machine failure?


    Therefore, Samsung's placement machine SM471 also has a rapid upward trend. 
    SMD function, if the cantilever's  point hits an obstacle within the range of motion, 
    the obstacle will be treated or the cantilever will be damaged. 

  • What factors affect the speed of the placement machine?


    The movement speed of Samsung's placement machine affects the production speed.
    Production speed is the most concern of our customers.

  • Solder Wire Sn63 Flux 2.2% Specification


    Product introduction
    1. Scope of application
    1.1This acknowledgment is only applicable to the company's designated products: tin-lead products. However, this information can be distributed to customers for free use in response to customer requests. This material applies to any wire diameter and flux content of the same alloy composition.
    1.2This product is used in demanding manual welding and automatic welding. It is made from high-purity raw materials and is widely used in the electronics assembly industry. Product implementation standards.

  • Stick (Vibration) Feeder Instructions


    1)  Install the Vibration Feeder on the placement machine.

    2)  Place the IC tube on the IC tube holder of the Vibration feeder,then move the tube card, 

    and clamp the IC tube to fix the IC tube.

  • SMT Machine maintenance automation | FUJI NXT work head automatic cleaning machine


    SMT equipment maintenance is moving toward automation. In the past, it was a machine-making machine. The development trend of the world is not only the machine-making machine, but also the maintenance of the machine. Japan's Fuji FUJI's offline off-head automatic cleaning machine, which was introduced recently, is a concrete example.

  • Yamaha placement machine (YAMAHA) operation process


    Yamaha placement machine inspection process before operation:
    1) Air pressure check - if the standard of YV100X is 0.55Mpa, when the air pressure is not normal, use the pressure regulator to adjust.
    2) Power check - check if the power switch on the side of the main unit is turned on.
    3) Emergency stop device - confirm the emergency stop button, whether the cover is closed.

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