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  • Panasonic CM602 Machine Leakage element reason and solution?

    Because in the production of the first film, multiple Tables frequently appear in the fixed point of the undetermined station installation error alarm,After the first piece comes out, the components are messy, and the Leakage element has no component placement marks. Check the Part without any abnormality.
  • How to select the model of SMT Splice Tape?

    Greatly improve production efficiency. If the machine is stopped, the time spent is about 2~3 minutes. If one machine runs USD1 for one minute, it will waste USD3. If you use SMT Splice Tape This time is saved, and the two SMT Splice Tapes cost only USD 0.12.
  • How to choose SMT equipment?

    SMT equipment in the purchase of the main consideration of the placement accuracy and placement speed in the actual use of the process, in order to effectively improve product quality and reduce production-cost-conducive to improve production efficiency, how to improve and maintain SMT equipment placement rate is The primary problem facing the user.
  • SMT Equipment | SMT production line equipment

    SMT equipment is the collective name of the specialized electronic machinery equipment of the SMT manufacturer in the PCB industry. At present, the SMT equipment is mainly used in the manufacturing industries such as electrician, electronic, instrumentation and so on.
  • JUKI NF ATF CTF FTF series smt feeder of applicable models and differences?

     JUKI ATF feeder is Japan's JUKI manufacturers for KE2070 high-speed placement machine research and development of the new feeder.As this kind of feeder is easily to use, can be achieved non-stop refueling, waste plastic tape and tape without the need to automatically pulley into the waste box.
    ATF feeder launched early there have been frequent cassette phenomenon, waste plastic belt can not be properly exported.
  • What is SMT production line

    SMT is the traditional electronic components compressed into a volume of only a few tenths of the device directly to the surface assembly components paste, printed on the printed circuit board surface location of the assembly technology. Compared with the traditional process, SMT has high density, high reliability, low cost, miniaturization, sound field automation and other five characteristics.
  • How Does 3D AOI Increase Manufacturing Quality?|SMT Technology

    PCB suppliers in the automotive space are vastly accelerating their time to market by using automated optical inspection (AOI) systems during PCB assembly. However, this next‐generation technique is not limited in scope to the automotive industry – it has powerful implications for the entire PCB industry.
  • How to calibrate smt feeder|SMT technology

    How to calibrate smt feeder,SMT feeder is used for a long time, there will be accuracy error, it needs to be calibrated to ensure that smt feeder work more smoothly and more efficient, the following describes the process of smt feeder calibration.

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