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What is the role of clean room wiper?


What is the role of clean room wiper?
Clean room wiper (airlaidpaper) is divided into m-3,0604,0606,0609,0709 series, also known as dry papermaking nonwovens (airlaidpulpnonwovens), is a dry non-woven fabric. The air-laid paper has the unique physical properties, the performance is the high elasticity, the softness, the hand feeling, the drape feeling is extremely good, has the extremely high water absorption and the good water retention property, is widely used in the hygiene nursing thing, the special medical use article, And other fields.
clean room wiper
      By its English name can be seen that the two main characteristics of air-laid paper: First, raw materials for the wood pulp fiber; the second is the use of air-laid technology. Nonwovens production process is the main network and reinforcement of the two processes. Dry papermaking nonwovens production mainly by chemical bonding and thermal bonding of two methods. According to its different reinforcement process, its raw materials and uses are different, the following were introduced.

      Lcd display products, circuit board production line, precision instruments, optical products, the aviation industry, pcb products, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, Laboratories, clean workshops and production lines, and other high-precision manufacturing. Optional Edge: Ultrasound, laser, cold cut. The scope of application: semiconductor assembly, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, laboratory, electronics industry, computer assembly, optical equipment manufacturing, lcd LCD display, precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, and circuit board production lines, etc .; especially for the semiconductor industry, The production of the electronics industry 10 -100 level purification plant. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function, high water absorption, soft will not damage the surface of the object. Particularly suitable for clean clean workshop. Clean cloth, clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber edge of the cloth is the most advanced edge cutting machine edge, wipe will not leave particles and thread, decontamination ability. Can be used on both sides of the edge sealing edge, the other side of the method of heat sealing edge, or four edge sealing edge, to provide better edge protection.

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