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SMT Machine maintenance automation | FUJI NXT work head automatic cleaning machine


SMT Machine maintenance automation | FUJI NXT work head automatic cleaning machine

SMT equipment maintenance is moving toward automation. In the past, it was a machine-making machine. The development trend of the world is not only the machine-making machine, but also the maintenance of the machine. Japan's Fuji FUJI's offline off-head automatic cleaning machine, which was introduced recently, is a concrete example. To further improve the efficiency of the SMT production line, Fuji FUJI has developed maintenance auxiliary equipment for off-line automatic cleaning of the head. It can be applied to the mounting head cleaning of the four series of SMT placement machines FUCI NXT, NXT II, AIMEX, AIMEX IIS with modular design.

In the maintenance of the placement machine, the cleaning of the placement head is an indispensable and time-consuming task, and often requires two SMT engineers to work long hours. The use of automatic cleaning equipment, instead of the traditional manual disassembly cleaning, makes the maintenance work of the head easy and labor-saving. Moreover, the fully automatic cleaning process avoids the uncontrollability of manual work, ensures the cleaning effect, and thoroughly cleans the solder paste and dust collected in the air pipeline. In addition, if equipped with a spare placement head, you can take full advantage of the simple replacement features of the FUJI modular placement machine and the offline cleaning features of the automatic cleaning machine for the work head, thus ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity. Increased production line efficiency.

The automatic cleaning machine also has an inspection function, which can measure the flow rate and pressure of the gas in the placement working head and the movement time of each axis of the placement working head, and judge whether the cleaning is qualified. In order to keep the automatic cleaning machine itself in good condition, the developer designed a reminder function to remind him to replace the filter sponge (for recycling dirt) and to replenish the cleaning oil.

The specific parameters of the equipment are as follows: air cleaning time: 8 minutes, oil cleaning time: 21 minutes, cleaning oil: fluorine solvent, suitable for cleaning work head: FUJI H08 H12 H04 H08Q H12HS H1HQ H12S H12Q V12, equipment Weight: 110KG, equipment size: L660*W350*H1330mm

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